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The Department of Medicine is the largest clinical group of physicians at Westchester Medical Center and is responsible for the medical care of all adults and adolescents over 15 years of age.  It encompasses highly qualified physicians in general internal medicine (primary medical care), hematology/hemostasis (blood and clotting disorders), oncology (cancer), nephrology (kidney diseases and dialysis), rheumatology (joint diseases), pulmonary and critical care (chest diseases and intensive care), cardiology (heart and blood vessel diseases and cardiac catheterization), gastroenterology (stomach, intestinal and liver disorders), infectious diseases (infections) endocrinology (diseases of the glands, diabetes, thyroid, obesity and osteoporosis), allergy, and complementary medicine (acupuncture). 

Many of our Department's physicians are nationally recognized experts in their fields and are active in cutting-edge research. All are renowned medical educators and teachers of medical students and medical residents. 

  • Cardiology
  • Dermatology
  • Endocrinology and Metabolism
  • Gastroenterology 
  • General Internal Medicine
  • Hematology
  • Nephrology
  • Oncology/Hematology
  • Pulmonary/Critical Care Medicine
  • Rheumatology, Allergy and Immunology


Munazza Afzal, MBBS
Raymond Dattwyler, MD (Section Chief)
Patrick Maloney, MD
Julia Yegudin-Ash, MD (Associate Chief of Rheumatology)
Ioannis Tassiulas, MD, PhD


Hasan Ahmad, MD
Wilbert Aronow, MD
Richard Becker, MD
George Berk, MD
James Catanese, MD
Richard Charney, MD
Saulat Chaudhry, MD
Martin Cohen, MD
J. Leonard Di Re, MD
Frank Dorsa, MD
Tanya Dutta, MD
Arthur Fass, MD
Steven Francescone, MD
William Frishman, MD (Acting Section Chief)
Alan Gass, MD
Joseph George, MD
Paul Gerardi, MD
Bernard Gitler, MD
Richard Greif, MD
Veena Gupta, MD
Ahmad Hadid, MD
Ahmad Hadid, MD
Craig Hametz, MD
Glenn Hamroff, MD
Joseph Harburger, MD
Diwakar Jain, MD
Dina Katz, MD
Theodore Keltz, MD
Sang Kim, MD
Stephen Kopf, MD
Gregg Lanier, MD
Myung-Ho Lee, MD
John McClung, MD
Joshua Melcer, MD
Peter Mercurio, MD
David Messinger, MD
Dayanand Naik, MD
Robert Pilchik, MD
Deanna Sandor, MD
Anthony Shih, MD
Inderpal Singh, MD
Alan Slater, MD
Howard Tarkin, MD
Joseph Tartaglia, MD
Patrick Thomas, MD
John Tighe Jr, MD
Robert Timmermans, MD
Ronald Wallach, MD
Franklin Zimmerman, MD

Critical Care/Pulmonary Disease

Dipak Chandy, MBBS
Lawrence Delorenzo, MD
Stuart Lehrman, MD
George Maguire, MD (Section Chief)
Lisa Paul, MD


Alan Schliftman, MD (Section Chief)


Michael Goldberg, MD
Harriette Mogul, MD
Monica Schwarcz, MD
Guy Valiquette, MD
Irene Weiss, MD (Section Chief)


Roxana Bodin, MD
Brad Dworkin, MD
Isaac Galandauer, MD
Seth Gendler MD
Daniela Jodorkovsky, MD
Edward Lebovics, MD (Section Chief)
Shireen Pais, MBBS
David Cary Wolf, MD

General Internal Medicine

Robert Abdoo, MD
Maria Capparelli, MD
Christine Carosella, MD
Richard Cho, DO
Jerome Cooper, MD
Luciano De Marco, MD
Leanne Forman, MD (Section Chief)
Melissa Gennarelli, MD
Randy Goldberg, MD
Robert Grimshaw, MD
Nili Gujadhur, MBCHB
Gary Guo, MD
Russell Kamer, MD
Kausik Kar, MBBS
Carol Karmen, MD
Bernard Katz, MD
Richard Klein, MD
Stephen Lobo, MD
George Mathew, MD,MBA
Gary Midelton, MD
Michael Miller, MD
Harish Moorjani, MBBS
Arif Mumtaz, MD (Section Chief)
Christopher Nabors, MD,Ph.D
Raymond Phillips, MD
Thomas Rush, MD
Tushar Shah, MBBS
Carin Shapiro, MD
Gary Stallings, MD
Sachin Sule, MBBS
Stephen Warshafsky, MD
Eric Wold, MD
Shick Yu, MD


Jeffrey Escher, MD
Gayatri Gupta, MBBS
Krishan Gupta, MD (Section Chief)
Nikolaos Migias, MD


Robert Lerner, MD (Section Chief)
John Nelson, MD
Eduardo Saponara, MD
Kiran Yalamanchili, MBBS

Infectious Diseases

Abhay Dhand, MD
Marc El Khoury, MD
Marisa Montecalvo, MD
Robert Nadelman, MD
John Nowakowski, MD
Catherine Small, MD
Gary Wormser, MD (Section Chief)


Stephen Adler, MD
Maureen Brogan, MD
Veronica Delaney, MD,Ph.D
Anjani Dubey, MD
Renee Garrick, MD (Section Chief)
Aromma Kapoor, MD
Michael Klein, MD
Matthew Plotkin, MD
Nandita Singh, DO
Karim Solangi, MD

Occupational Medicine

Kausik Kar, MD (Section Chief)


Tauseef Ahmed, MD (Section Chief)
Asim Aijaz, MBBS
Stuart Feldman, MD
Delong Liu, MD
Carmelo Puccio, MD
Karen Seiter, MD

Allied Health Practitioners


Mary Condon (Nestor), FNP
Andrea Cronin, MSN,FNP
Margaret Holden, ANP
Vicki Klein, PA
Holly McNamara, ACNP
Carmela Musial, PA-C
Jayasree Nair, FNP
Deborah Okoniewski, FNP
Gladys Pacenza, ACNP
Patricia Rainaldi, NP
Nyree Sencion-Akhtar, NP
Kathleen Brown, NP


Jody Hirsch, PA-C

General Internal Medicine

Eric Amoh, PA-C
Jean Kadel, FNP

Infectious Diseases

Donna McKenna, ANP
Deanne Walsh (Bradford), FNP


Janet Wynne-Brosius, PA-C

Occupational Medicine

Christine Cunningham, FNP
Amy Dall, NP
Linda Primus, PA


Denise Byrd, NP
Denise Cameli, NP
Stephanie Danyko, FNP
Julie Martin, FNP,MSN,RN
Rosemarie Raffa, FNP
Michele Reilly, NP