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Transplant Waiting List

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After your tests are completed, the results are discussed by the heart transplant surgeons, transplant cardiologists, psychiatrists, nursing coordinators and other consultants who, based on these results, will decide whether you are a suitable candidate for a heart transplant.

Your transplant coordinator will notify you and your referring doctor about the transplant team's decision. Keep in mind that even after your initial tests are completed, additional testing may be required by the selection committee.

Your transplant coordinator will inform you when you have been placed on the national waiting list for a new heart, and you will receive a letter confirming your placement on the list.

Because there is no way to predict when a donor heart will become available, you may be on the waiting list for many months. When a heart becomes available, many factors determine if that heart is right for you. The two main factors are that the donor must have a compatible blood type with you, and the donor must be about the same weight as you.

We realize that the time spent waiting for your transplant can be very stressful. This is normal. But there are things you can do to help alleviate some of this stress and deal with your fears. Talk about your concerns with your family or supportive friends. Plan to attend the heart failure support group that meets regularly at Westchester Medical Center. If you have any questions, call your transplant coordinator. If necessary, the transplant social worker may be able to recommend a counselor or put you in touch with a support group of people who have undergone what you are going through. All of these people can help you to redirect your energy toward more positive, enjoyable activities. Always remember that you are not alone. The transplant team is available to help you throughout the waiting period.

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